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Find the Answer you Need

With our user-friendly FAQ page, you can get quick and dependable answers to your most challenging questions.

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How can I make my first deposit?

Leap Capital Markets makes it simple to deposit funds into your account. To make your trading journey even more convenient, we provide a wide range of deposit options. Log in to your Client Area and click on the Deposit Funds section. After you select your account and payment method, you are ready to fund your account! Please note that make sure to select the best payment method for you.

How can I open a live trading account?

You can register for a live account directly under Leap Capital Markets by clicking here. After you complete the online application form, you will receive an email confirmation and access to your client portal. And you are ready to open a live trading account!

How can I open a MetaTrader 5 Demo account?

Demo accounts are an excellent way to practice, brush up on your trading skills, and boost up to full speed before trading on your live account. After registering to Leap Capital Markets, you can click on the “Open Demo Account” button to create it in just one minute.

How to download the MetaTrader 5?

You can access MetaTrader 5 setup file by visiting MetaTrader 5 page or the Downloads section on Client Area.

What documents do I need to open an account with Leap Capital Markets?

After submitting your registration process successfully, you can verify your account by uploading some verification documents.

Can I switch my trading account type?

You have the option to change the kind of your account if you would like. If you want to switch the type of your account, get in touch with your account manager.

How can I change the language of the Client Area?

You can switch languages by clicking the language icon at the top right corner of the page.

My Client Area password is lost. How should I continue?

By clicking "Forget Password" on the login screen, you can change your password. We will then send instructions for resetting your password to the email address you provided.

What kinds of identification documents do you accept?

To confirm a client's identification, we accept ID, passport, or Driver’s Licence.

Where can I access my login information?

Your login information can be found in the email that you got after registering.

Are there any differences between the demo and real accounts?

Trades on live accounts are executed on the market. But on demo accounts, they don't. Demo trading is similar to playing a computer game. Everything you do in the demo remains on your computer, and the price you request is the price you receive. But the functionality is the same for both accounts.

If I leave my open positions overnight, what happens to them?

Your position will be carried over to the following trading day (at a swap fee) while remaining open. By selecting Market Watch from the menu on the right and selecting Specification, you can obtain our swap rates.

My position was stopped. Why?

When your trading account's margin level drops below 20%, your position will be stopped. Your positions will begin to close, starting with the least profitable ones, as a result of this setting off a stop-out.

What is the maximum lot size I can trade?

This will depend on the instrument you are trading. To check instruments’ maximum Lots size please "right-click" in the Market Watch window on the symbol you want to know the maximum Lots size and select "Specifications".

What is the minimum deposit amount?

There is no required deposit amount to start trading except for the VIP account type. For VIP accounts, USD 5000 is required to trade.

What platforms are accessible for trading?

We provide MetaTrader 5 for a variety of desktop and mobile platforms. On our MT5 Platform page, you can read more details.

Why can't I get my position closed?

The market might close down. Only within the trading hours for the relevant instrument is it permitted to close a position.

Can I make a deposit or withdrawal using someone else's bank account or credit card?

No, the account holder's name must match the name entered when enrolling with Leap Capital Markets.

I currently have a negative balance. Can I make a deposit?

You can. Note that, you can fix the negative amount on your account by contacting Customer Help or our Sales Department.

What is the procedure for funding my trading account?

You can deposit by selecting Deposit Funds from the "Funds" menu in the Secure Client Area.

When I still have open trades, can I request a withdrawal?

Yes, this is acceptable as long as you have enough free margin in the accounts to match the withdrawal amount.

Why was my request for an internal transfer refused?

It can be refused if there is not enough free margin.